Four ways to get you talking about money.

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There was no hint of a Covid-crisis when I wrote my book; The Black Belt Investor. My goal was to get people talking about money and recognize the importance of a healthy relationship with money, in order to be prosperous and happy. The lessons of my book couldn’t be more pertinent today, when people are questioning almost everything, including their relationship with money and what brings true happiness. This webinar series will get you on the right path to having the conversations you should be having regarding money; organizing your finances properly and establishing appropriate long-term financial goals.

It is strongly suggested that people attend each webinar since the series was designed to provide you with tools which, during this pandemic and in its aftermath, will help you have a healthier and happier relationship with money.



Every Tuesday from May 19th to June 9th | 4:00pm to 4:45pm

Talking about money with loved ones,
every day and in a time of crisis – May 19th


Building Mental Resiliency –
overcoming the emotions of investing – May 26th


Protecting yourself and your wealth
during and after a crisis – June 2nd


Making a plan and sticking to it;
working in your financial dojo – June 9th


→ Tuesday, May 19th in English : https://raymondjames.zoom.us/…/re…/WN_gG3geiUXQ8KUdj6XO33ZJA

→ Thursday, May 21st in French: https://raymondjames.zoom.us/…/re…/WN_u_1M-1fWSoKUkk7mrm5DMA


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