Mary Hagerman is an expert wealth advisor and an award-winning portfolio manager who is changing the conversation about money. As a leading authority on overcoming financial anxiety she’s been featured in The Globe and Mail and the Financial Post and on CTV and CBC Radio. Fluent in English and French, Mary is a columnist for Investment Executive and Finances et Investissement.

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  • “To earn a black belt in karate, you must have discipline, focus and grit. The money manager behind The Black Belt Investor is just as inspiring as any karate fighter. It was a true pleasure for me to read this jewel of a book and rediscover its author, who preaches by example. I would highly recommend making this book available to young people, especially young women, so that they can learn early how to anticipate, plan and develop a healthy relationship with money in order to have a truly ‘rich’ life.”

    Suzie Mondésir
  • “I wish that I had read this book 30 years ago. So many lessons I had to learn the hard way. Loved the discipline of karate mirroring the discipline we need in our every day life with finances. Wealthness indeed. Good work…excellent read. Looking forward to the sequel.”

    Bill Hemens

Happy and Prosperous
Brand Mantra

As a leading expert in helping people overcome financial anxiety, my brand represents prosperity and happiness. I speak the truth and I speak to women and men who are unaware of how their relationship with money is impacting their lives negatively. You are my passion and this is for you.

I do not allow naysayers, pessimists or small thinkers to stand in my way. My goal is to be a resource for those who want to find solutions to their financial anxiety. I will always be compassionate, professionally engaged and solution-focused. I work with integrity. I am known for my daring spirit. I am driven, energetic, faithful and do not conform for the sake of others’ comfort level.

My approach is authentic, and every decision is made with honest consideration for the hearts of the women and men I serve. I work hard to bring them results.

My superpower is my knowledge that allows me to connect with people at a deep level. Their confidence in me allows me to guide them through the path to overcoming financial anxiety in their lives.

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