Pssst ….do you have a secret?

I am a big fan of Ted-talks and a regular listener to their podcasts.
Here in Montreal, I support the Tedxmontrealwomen. Their dynamic group of women leaders put together conferences and activities that are unique, refreshing and dedicated to elevating women everywhere.
During these crazy pandemic times, a new format was introduced; the open mic zoom-night. Last Friday over 100 women got together and selected speakers got 60 seconds to share their message; any message.
I love this kind of thing; women spontaneously speaking out, from the heart and the mind. Of course I signed up, and what did I talk about ? Money of course! It is my mission to tell everyone, not just women, that without a healthy relationship to money, we cannot be truly happy. My whole book; The Black Belt Investor, is based on this premise, so with only 60 seconds I decided to focus on money secrets.
Here’s a little taste of my talk:
“Did you know that most people would rather talk about politics, religion … even sex, than talk about their finances ? It’s no wonder that money is the number one problem for most couples.
Conversations about money are never easy, but I can say that making them a regular part of my life and giving up my secrets has brought me peace of mind that’s worth a lot of money! “
The 60 second pitches were all over the place; lots of pandemic stuff, but really off the wall ideas as well like; dancing barefoot, singing your way to happiness, laugh-therapy, watercolour painting and remembering how to act like a child. Women of all ages, colours, genders; it was so refreshing to hear the myriad of messages.
I wasn’t the only woman to talk about money on Open Mic Night, but certainly the only one to talk about money-secrets. I got some great comments from the chat room… including “Taboo topics: $, Sex & Death.” Right on! Don’t know that I will be talking about sex anytime soon, but I have a lot more to say about money and death.

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