Time is running out!

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“To achieve great things; two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.” I heard this quote from Leonard Bernstein recently while listening to a podcast.

Bernstein certainly left his mark in music, but I was not aware of his interest in personal growth. I had to dig further and find out more about the man who is considered “one of the most prodigiously talented and successful musicians in American history.”

I definitely agree with Bernstein’s view on the importance of having a plan to achieve great things. Life has no direction without a plan. To accomplish anything, requires having a goal and a plan to get there. Whether it be music, muscles, money and more, you need a plan to achieve what you want.

It is the concept of time in Bernstein’s quote that I find intriguing. Not having enough time invites the sense of urgency that can propel us to achieve our goals and aspire to great things. It’s easy enough to say what we want, or even to concoct a plan to get it, but execution is key.

When we are faced with a deadline, an expiration date over which we have no control, our decision to put a plan into action can make dreams become reality.

My understanding of Bernstein’s idea of “Not having quite enough time”, doesn’t suggest that tasks can never be fully accomplished. On the contrary, it means that we have the extra push of the hands of the clock to remind us that excuses expire and dreams fade into just that … dreams of what could have been.  If there is not quite enough time available, we need to act now.

Leonard Bernstein will forever be remembered for his prolific musical career. He found the time to leave a legacy of musical compositions with the constraints of the same 24-hour day we all have. So don’t squander time; get to work on your plan to achieve greatness now, because time is running out!

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